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Kicking Goals: Everything That Matters About Recreation And Sports

4 Benefits of Learning to Dive on a Liveaboard

Learning to scuba dive is a fun and rewarding experience, and it’s perfectly fine to take lessons with a dive shop. They’ll usually start in a swimming pool and then take you on a nearby shore dive in order to brush up. However, you might also like to...

Improving your running performance with Pilates

While it can seem like the easiest thing to do to improve your running times is to spend more time hitting the pavement, this isn’t always the case. Pilates can be a great way to improve your running time as well as make running more comfortable and fun. Here...

What to Look for in Used Guns

Many people have an enthusiasm for guns, whether for sporting or protection purposes. Finding a used gun at a reasonable price is the ambition of many firearm lovers. This has created a lively industry in used guns, both in physical stores in the cities and online....

About Me

Hello and welcome! I’m Belinda, and I’m mad about sports. Whether it’s backyard cricket or a major hockey tournament, I am always ready for a game. At the moment, I play both A Grade hockey and netball. My children play soccer and tennis. My husband loves running marathons. Somehow, we also manage to be part of a chess club. There’s definitely no time for idleness in our household!
As a mother, I have come to appreciate the importance of recreation and sports in keeping us physically and mentally fit. I have also learnt a lot about choosing facilities, equipment and coaches. I opened this blog so I could share the information I’ve gained with others who are serious about exercise and staying healthy. Please jog inside and look around.