Choosing the Best Vessel for the Sport | Top 3 Salt Water Fishing Boats

Other than just spending time with your loved ones, saltwater fishing is a great recreational activity for fishing enthusiasts. The type of boat you use for this fishing plays a major role in determining your enjoyment and catch for the day. In case you have decided to take up this sport for the first time, you need to know which boat will best suit you. However, choosing the right boat could at times be difficult. Not to worry. Below are some great saltwater fishing boats for you to consider.

The bar crusher

The bar crusher ranks pretty high when it comes to Australia's high-performance aluminium fishing boats. It is made from heavy duty alloy that not only enhances its strength and agility on water but also makes it very durable. Other than that, the crusher is equipped with a well-engineered sub-frame water ballast system for increased stability. Thanks to this system, cavitation is reduced and the boat doesn't bounce that much off the water surface, giving you comfort at very high speeds.

In addition, exclusive innovations like a self-draining deck make the boat easy to maintain. Lastly, the boat is fitted with the best functional fishing features like an on-deck storage fish and bait tank to make your fishing as smooth as possible. However, it is not as large as a trawler or centre console and could be a limitation for very large catches and amounts of fish.

The centre console

This boat was named based on the fact that its central console is surrounded by a huge open deck, implying that it has a lot of space. Such space makes it ideal for saltwater fishing and walking around when tired. In addition, the large deck adds on to the overall surface area of the boat, making it stable and a good option for rough waters. Apart from that, the boat is fitted with large waterproof storage fish tanks and can accommodate plenty of fish, whether big or small. Despite all that, they are not as speedy as the former and are a bit slower to manoeuvre on aggressive waters.

The trawler

If you are interested in long distance fishing, then this would be your best option. Designed with a round bottomed displacement hull, it can contain plenty of home living space such as a bathroom, kitchen and a bedroom. In addition, the trawler has a small engine for economical fuel consumption, thus saving you fuelling costs. Since it is slow and large, getting a substantial catch could take some time. So, you'll have to be very patient with this boat.

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