Simple But Important Things Many People Overlook When Chartering a Boat

When you're chartering a boat, you want to take your time and ensure you choose the best boat and the best charter company for your boating needs. Not all boat hires are alike, and you may be surprised to find out that the boat you booked online is smaller than you expected, doesn't stay on the open water as long as you expected, and is even being shared by another group! Note a few simple but important things that many people overlook when chartering a boat so you know you don't make the same mistake.

1. Is there a bathroom on board and an air conditioned cabin?

Never assume that any boat, no matter its size and cost, will have a bathroom, often called a "head" in marine terms. If you don't like "roughing it" and are planning a charter during the hottest of summer days, you may also prefer an air conditioned cabin where you can relax and get out of the heat. Never make assumptions as to the creature comforts of any boat but ask about these things before you rent.

2. Note if it's a private charter

A fishing boat isn't always like a rented limousine, where you hire it just for yourself. A charter company might rent out the boat to a certain number of people; if a boat accommodates 15 people and your group only has 4, you might arrive on the docks to find that you're sharing the boat with 11 strangers! Private charters are more expensive than a party boat, sometimes called a head boat, but if you want privacy and the boat to yourself, be sure to ask if others will be chartering the boat at the same time.

3. Ask if the rental time means time fishing or if it includes travel time to the water

If you want to do some deep sea fishing, your chartered boat may need to travel some time and distance to get to the waters where you'll fish. If you've rented the boat for four hours, ask if that means four hours of fishing time or if that includes the time it takes to get to the right waters and then back again. If it takes 30 minutes to get to the open waters and 30 minutes to get back to the dock, you may only wind up with three hours of actual time to fish when you expected four full hours. Be sure you're clear about how a charter company figures their time when you're ready to rent.

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