Camping During the Holidays? How to Make Your Caravan Feel Like Home

People have different ways of making their holidays memorable. While some remain at home or travel abroad, others choose to go camping. In fact, some folks go for camping for several days. Having a comfortable caravan and the right caravan supplies for your camping trip is important.

Certainly, you shouldn't break the bank to make your caravan feel like home. Just some few tweaks here and there should transform the entire space.

The following is what you need to do:

Update the Interior

Amazingly, patterns and color can change everyone's mood. Add some touch of personality by choosing floor mats, doona covers, and cushions in your preferred colors.

You can even buy new fabric and sew over old curtains to make it unique.


Quietness is one of the beauties of owning a caravan. However, all the quiet can be tiresome at times. You can break up the boredom by packing some puzzles, cards, board games, or even books of crosswords.

Bring some items from home

Instead of purchasing everything new, you can grab some things from home. For instance, bring along your colored bath towels, tea towels, or even kitchen utensils. Since you use such items daily, they can certainly bring the home feeling to your caravan.

Portable clothesline

Do you intend to go for camping during the holidays for several days? If you intend to wash while away, foldable or portable clothesline is necessary. You can effortlessly clip the line on the van and remove it in seconds.

What's more is the fact that you can adjust it to any width that suits framework parameters.

Additionally, install an indoor clothesline. It's handy for hanging stuff like raincoats.

Cozy rugs

Well-chosen rugs can transform the look and feel of your caravan. Shaggy rugs, to be specific, are the homeliest in the market. This is because they are not only soft but also highly inviting in terms of texture. Additionally, they look comfortable. They boast a pleasing effect whenever you step into your caravan and see them. When choosing your rugs, focus on softness.


Do you have soft pillows at home? If yes, take them with you to your van. Just because you're camping doesn't mean you should use ugly doona covers. You ought to treat the bedroom in your van just like the one at home. That way, you'll not only feel homely but also comfortable.

Having a caravan that feels and looks like home for your camping trip will make your experience peaceful, comfortable and memorable.