Cushion The Blow: The Pros And Cons Of Having Your Tennis Court Resurfaced With A Cushioned Surface

Whether you have a simple, no-frills tennis court out in your backyard or maintain a number of courts at a leisure centre, keeping your tennis court(s) in tip-top surface condition is vital, both for the enjoyment of the game and the safety of those playing it. However, there are ways to increase safety levels beyond those provided by traditional grass or clay tennis courts. Cushioned tennis courts can be a tremendous boon for many players and offer a number of advantages when it comes to safety and player enjoyment. [Read More]

One Fin, Two Fin, or Three Fin: Which is the Right Surfboard for You?

If you're buying a surfboard for the first time, one of the main things that you'll have to consider is how many fins you're looking for. There are a number of boards available with four or five fins, but for most surfers choosing a surfboard will mean deciding between either one, two or three fins. Everything from the way surfboards handle to the type of waves you're going to be best suited to will be influenced by your decision, so it pays to spend some time thinking over your options. [Read More]

Simple But Important Things Many People Overlook When Chartering a Boat

When you're chartering a boat, you want to take your time and ensure you choose the best boat and the best charter company for your boating needs. Not all boat hires are alike, and you may be surprised to find out that the boat you booked online is smaller than you expected, doesn't stay on the open water as long as you expected, and is even being shared by another group! [Read More]

Choosing the Best Vessel for the Sport | Top 3 Salt Water Fishing Boats

Other than just spending time with your loved ones, saltwater fishing is a great recreational activity for fishing enthusiasts. The type of boat you use for this fishing plays a major role in determining your enjoyment and catch for the day. In case you have decided to take up this sport for the first time, you need to know which boat will best suit you. However, choosing the right boat could at times be difficult. [Read More]